Why Yoga?

I'm sure you have heard many things about yoga. Yes, yoga reduces stress, helps you become more flexible, facilitates a better night's sleep, strengthens the body, regulates eating habits, boosts mood, etc. Its effects are farther reaching than merely aesthetic and emotional benefits. Most people in the west (including me) are introduced to yoga as a form of physical exercise. As I became diligent in my practice, not only was my body becoming stronger, but something inside began to shift. I was finally beginning to feel grounded and at home within myself.

The goal of yoga is to awaken each of us to our truth by going inwards. Come take a pause, a breath, and surrender to the moment. Change your perception through patience, acceptance, and self observation. Become stronger in mind, body, and spirit. No prior experience is necessary, only the desire to practice.


Laura M.
25d ago

Jessica is professional and very pleasant and an excellent , patient instructor, good for all levels, from beginner to advanced. She is a gem, I am thrilled she has blessed me with her gift.

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